Tennis PEI hands out ADL awards

Tennis PEI recently held their Awards night and presented the following ADL awards:
ADL Junior Boy of the Year: Mark Rainnie
ADL Junior Girl of the Year: Cincy Chen
ADL Senior Male Athlete: Evan McNicol
ADL Senior Female of the Year: Lana Griffith Simpson
ADL Coach of the Year: Callum Wood
ADL Administrator of the Year: Enrique Riveroll Sr.
ADL Volunteer of the Year: Torsten Kutterer


Other Award Winners from the evening included:

Adult Recognition: Dave McGavin

Adult Recognition: Jennette Proulx

Junior Recognition: Enrique Riveroll Jr.

Junior Recognition: Zeynep Ulkan

Most Improved Junior Male: William Wang and Charlie Wang

Most Improved Junior Girl: Samantha Ostridge

Most Improved Senior Male: Fraser MacPhee

Most Improved Senior Female: Anja Nied-Kutterer

CRTG Participant of the Year: Heath MacLean

Nijar Family Award: Meghan Adams

Marlene White Award: Rachael Phelan

Doug George Sportsmanship Award: Jack Digout