Susie Myers Garrett – National Coaches Week 2022

NCW22 - coach susie myers garrett

We are excited to profile several outstanding PEI coaches during National Coaches Week!

Susie Myers-Garrett

What Sport do they coach? – U12 Softball

Name of team or club they coach? – Cardigan Clippers

What does this coach do that makes them a great coach?

Susie instills a love for the game of softball. She does this by explicitly teaching the girls skills that they need, all the while having fun. She creates an atmosphere where it is okay to make a mistake because that is how we learn. She encourages, motivates, challenges and supports the players. Everyone wants to be coached by Susie!

Pick 3 words that describes this coach.

Enthusiastic, engaging and positive.

Write a memory/story about this coach

At the end of the year, we won our provincial championships. The girls were excited, but more importantly they were exited to share a gift they had made for Susie before the championship game. All the girls had autographed a new softball and presented it to Susie just before we had our team picture! Susie was so touched, she cried.

Nominator – Sandra Walker (assistant coach with Susie)


During National Coaches Week, all of our featured coaches and the people that nominated them will be receiving a prize package with ADL products and Source for Sports gift cards! Help us celebrate National Coaches Week by saying ‘Thanks Coach’ to an important coach in your life!