Successful She’s Good supported by Maritime Electric

Shes good march 8 2024

We had an amazing International Women’s Day on Friday at Sport PEI with some amazing guests and participants! Thank you to Maritime Electric for sponsoring this special day!



– Two-time Olympic medalist Heather Moyse told her story and spoke on importance of core values and decision making

– UPEI Athletic Director Jane Vessey took us on her journey and through all the ways sport can impact life

– Kate Forget with Namastate Yoga led us through a mindful yoga session

– Dietician Nancy Fong of Maximum Performance & Nutrition gave us some helpful strategies to fuel for performance

– Tracey Gairns Brioux of Reset:Breathe fitness led us through a high-intensity workout circuit

– UPEI student athlete Jill Arsenault provided insight on life as a young woman navigating the world of sport and helped out with our afternoon workout