Sport Celebration

Oct.23rd, 2017

Charlottetown, PE – On WednesdayOct. 11th, Sport PEI held a celebration of sport at the Holiday InnExpress.  The evening recognized thosewho have made an impact on the KidSport program here on PEI and those who wereinvolved in ParticipACTION’s national 150 Playlist Campaign.

KidSport has been supporting families on PEI since 1998.  Having granted over one million dollarsduring the last 20 years, the program has helped over 7,500 youth under the ageof 18 play competitive sport.  Thefunding for the program needs to be raised on an annual basis, which can be quitea challenge. Sport PEI felt the importance to recognize those who have steppedup to ensure kids continue to have the opportunity to play with their peers.

ParticipACTION launched its 150 Playlist campaign at the beginning of 2017 inpartnership with sport related organizations across the country.  The campaign was created to help celebrateCanada’s 150th birthday, while getting Canadians active.  Several Provincial Sport Organizations heldevents, that invited the community to come try their sport.  It was a great way to introduce Islanders toseveral new activities.

For more information on KidSport, or the ParticipACTION 150 Playlist campaign,go to, or email