She Leads 2020


Three successful She Leads events were held from November 24-28, 2020.  Our first event was a panel of  four inspirational female leaders who spoke about women in leadership, shared their own personal stories and did a Q&A from the audience.  The leaders were Karolyn Godfrey, Olympic gold medallist Heather Moyse, Kathy O’Rourke and Kailea Switzer.


Our next event was an interactive Zoom presentation by Jill Sadler on the topic of “What Makes a Leader People Want to Follow”.


Finally, our third event was a mother-daughter event that started out with a Q + A session between Alana Taylor and Olympian Heather Moyse. Heather reflected on prominent leaders who inspired her growing up, advice she would give to her younger self, and why it is so important for women to lead.  Then we held our mother-daughter panel. We had Tracy Gairns Brioux, Tammy Roach, Alanna Taylor, and Louise Martin and was facilitated by Sport PEI Board member, Kaye Kelly.  The topic of discussion was regarding the importance of fostering leadership in young women. These women also brought their daughters on stage to talk about their experiences.


Instead of registration for the events, we asked for a donation from the attendees.  From the donations, we created a grant to give back to other females to support their dreams and goals.


The event was made possible due to the support from the Sport Partnership and Engagement Program, a project of the Sport Participation Bilateral which is jointly funded by the Province of PEI (Department of Health and Wellness) and the Federal Government (Canadian Heritage – Sport Canada).