Second Keynote Announced

ReedMaltbie is the Chief Content Officer and Lead Presenter for Changing the Gameproject.  He holds Masters degrees inboth Education and Sport Performance. When he isn’t coaching at the fields he is speaking to and trainingcoaches, parents, students, and sports clubs.

“We seem to be sacrificing thelong term success of children for short term results on the field. I havewitnessed too many coaches, clubs, and parents mistreat children under theguise of “development” or “results”. We need to recognize that someday the gamewill end for all but a few children and when it does what kind of legacy havewe left them that will affect them beyond the game?”

“I have recently made it my mission to shiftthe youth sport culture back to a more child-centered and Beyond the Gameapproach.  I have presented TEDx talks, been on more than a dozenpodcasts, appeared on Sirius XMFC, and have been asked to write for numerousmagazines and websites to help coaches, clubs and parents learn to develop thewhole person.”