Return to Organized Sport and Recreational Activities

Beginning June 1st, organized sport and recreational activities can begin under the guidelines of the Chief Public Health Office.

It is exciting  to enter Phase # 3 of Renew PEI Together.  Organizations have been working on modified plans and are anxious to begin to offer program opportunities to members.  The health and safety of everyone involved is important and, collectively, we must continue to follow the guidance being provided by the Chief Public Health Office.

For information of the guidelines, please visit the Government of PEI website:

Organized Sport and Recreation Activities

Please note that there is a listing of ” examples of activities” based on level of contact ( low, moderate, high, full contact ). It is important to understand that just because a sport or activity is not listed here doesn’t mean it can’t open up, but a ” return to play ” plan should be developed that provides guidance to member organizations. These Return to Play plans do not require approval by the Chief Public health Office but you are asked to provide a copy to the Sport and Recreation Division for their records.

Sports that are in the ” full contact” category have asked if they can begin to operate as well…yes they can, provided extensive modifications are developed to the sport . Activities that would be able to be offered should focus on skills/drills, etc. and avoid any type of contact between participants.

Organized sport and recreation activities that are contemplating having more than one gathering at a time at a facility must follow the guidance on “multiple gatherings “.  Per Phase 3, each gathering must follow indoor and outdoor gathering guidance of no more than 15 people indoors and 20 people outdoors per gathering. Indoor gatherings must be separated into different rooms, or in very large indoor spaces, into clearly defined zones. Outdoor gatherings must be separated into clearly defined , marked zones.

All facilities/organizations are required to develop an operational plan (which could look different than the Return to Play documents) , however you do not need to submit the operational plan to the Chief Public Health Office before reopening, except in the following situations:

Facilities/ programs that are hosting multiple gatherings must submit an operational plan to the Chief Pubic Health Office ( including how they will ensure that the multiple gathering guidelines are being followed. Facilities and programs must receive pre-approval of their operational plan to have multiple gatherings involving more than 50 individuals across all gatherings.

Please include in the subject line of your email if it is a multiple gatherings situation and if the total number of participants across gatherings is greater than 50. Note:  Gathering numbers include participants, spectators, instructors, coaches, staff and volunteers.  Parents, guardians, and caretakers of young children and or athletes with disabilities are also included in the gathering number.   For example, an outdoor gathering that includes 12 athletes, 2 coaches, and 5 parents assisting young athletes would amount to a gathering of 19 and would be permitted.

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