Provincial Powerlifting Championship a Success

powerlifting 2021

After a year of uncertainty, PEI’s powerlifters showed that despite the pandemic, they have been doing their best to keep lifting and getting stronger. The PEIPLA Provincial Powerlifting Championship took place at Credit Union Place on June 5th. Over 40 competitors took to the platform, all in the unequipped category. Results for those lifters are as follows:


Rachel VandenBroek, Sub-Junior 57kg class, Squat 97.5kg, Bench 47.5kg, Deadlift 105kg, Total 250kg

Keira Millar, Sub-Junior 63kg class, Squat 103.5kg, Bench 47.5kg, Deadlift 110kg, Total 261kg

Maryn Kenny, Sub-Junior 76kg class, Squat 109kg, Bench 55kg, Deadlift 129kg, Total 293kg

Katelynn Allen, Sub-Junior 76kg class, Squat 110kg, Bench 55kg, Deadlift 117.5kg, Total 282.5kg

Jillian Courtney, Sub-Junior 84+kg class, Squat 30kg, Bench 32.5kg, Deadlift 72.5kg, Total 135kg

Joselyn Jelley, Junior 57kg class, Squat 95kg, Bench 55kg, Deadlift 142.5kg, Total 292.5kg

Karley Affleck, Junior 63kg class, Squat 102.5kg, Bench 52.5kg, Deadlift 107.5kg, Total 262.5kg

Naomi Byrne, Junior 63kg class, Squat 65kg, Bench 35kg, Deadlift 75kg, Total 175kg

McKenna Moore, Junior 76kg class, Squat 120kg, Bench 55kg, Deadlift 115kg, Total 290kg

Courtney Steele, Open 69kg class, Squat 100kg, Bench 67.5kg, Deadlift 120kg, Total 287.5kg

Christine Trainor, Open 84+kg class, Squat 120kg, Bench 60kg, Deadlift 127.5kg, Total 307.5kg

Cassie Anderson, Open 84+kg class, Squat 112.5kg, Bench 62.5kg, Deadlift 120kg, Total 295kg

Pamela Anderson, Open 84+kg class, Squat 57.5kg, Bench 47.5kg, Deadlift 80kg, Total 185kg

Tracy Curran, Master 1 69kg class, Squat 115kg, Bench 55kg, Deadlift 115kg, Total 285kg

Jeri Munro, Master 1 76kg class, Squat 135kg, Bench 70kg, Deadlift 152.5kg, Total 357.5kg

Jillian Sproul, Master 1 76kg class, Squat 117.5kg, Bench 62.5kg, Deadlift 130kg, Total 310kg

Kelley Doyle, Master 1 84kg class, Squat 112.5kg, Bench 57.5kg, Deadlift 120kg, Total 290kg

Maureen MacEwen, Master 3 52kg class, Squat 85kg, Bench 40kg, Deadlift 110kg, Total 235kg

Wanda McInnis, Master 3 57kg class, Squat 60kg, Bench 32.5kg, Deadlift 95kg, Total 187.5kg

Arlene VanDiepen, Master 3 63kg class, Squat 90kg, Bench 52.5kg, Deadlift 142.5kg, Total 285kg

Nick McCarthy, Sub-Junior 83kg class, Squat 142.5kg, Bench 100kg, Deadlift 175kg, Total 417.5kg

Allister Gallant, Sub-Junior 93kg class, Squat 180kg, Bench 102.5kg, Deadlift 217.5kg, Total 500kg

Joel Annear, Junior 66kg class, Squat 165kg, Bench 92.5kg, Deadlift 152.5kg, Total 410kg

Ty Peardon, Junior 74kg class, 0kg

Prabdeep Singh, Junior 83kg class, Squat 165kg, Bench 122.5kg, Deadlift 200kg, Total 487.5kg

Logan Graves, Junior 93kg class, Squat 192.5kg, Bench 135kg, Deadlift 220kg, Total 547.5kg

Quenten Bratovich, Junior 93kg class, Squat 162.5kg, Bench 110kg, Deadlift 225kg, Total 497.5kg

Leon Tarabukin, Junior 93kg class, Squat 92.5kg, Bench 62.5kg, Deadlift 135kg, Total 290kg

Caleb Boreland, Junior 105kg class, Squat 195kg, Bench 165kg, Deadlift 200kg, Total 560kg

Liam Beck, Junior 105kg class, Squat 200kg, Bench 122.5kg, Deadlift 215kg, Total 537.5kg

Ian Speelman, Junior 120kg class, Squat 212.5kg, Bench 137.5kg, Deadlift 215kg, Total 565kg

Courtland Lee, Open 83kg class, Squat 192.5kg, Bench 132.5kg, Deadlift 237.5kg, Total 562.5kg

Cole Gallant, Open 93kg class, Squat 217.5kg, Bench 145kg, Deadlift 232.5kg, Total 595kg

Mitchell Caissy, Open 105kg class, Squat 225kg, Bench 142.5kg, Deadlift 245kg, Total 612.5kg

John MacDonald, Open 120kg class, Squat 277.5kg, Bench 165kg, Deadlift 305kg, Total 747.5kg

Allen Profitt, Master 3 120kg class, Squat 170kg, Bench 142.5kg, Deadlift 237.5kg, Total 550kg


Special Olympics Powerlifting

Cameron Gordon, Open 93kg class, Squat 142.5kg, Bench 115kg, Deadlift 145kg, Total 402.5kg

Special Olympics Bench Only

Cameron Gordon, Open 93 kg class, Bench 112.5kg


Bench Press

Courtney Steele, Open 76kg class, Bench 67.5kg

Ty Peardon, Junior 74kg class, Bench 112.5kg

Tilman Gallant, Master 4 93kg class, Bench 135kg


Best Lifter Awards went to:

Best Female Junior- Joselyn Jelley

Best Male Sub-Junior- Allister Gallant

Best Female Master 1- Jeri Munro

Best Male Junior- Caleb Boreland

Best Female Open- Courtney Steele

Best Male Master 2-3- Allen Profitt

Best Male Open- John MacDonald

Best Special Olympian- Cameron Gordon