Parent Like a Champ 2.0 Review

Poster for Parent Like a Champ 2.0 Jan 30

Parent Like a Champ 2.0 Review

Athlete Health and Performance (AHP) and Sport PEI hosted Parent Like a Champ 2.0 in late January.   The event was aimed to help parents navigate topics such as athlete development, supplement usage and training plans.

Randy Goodman, director of AHP and sport physiotherapist kicked things off and spoke about athlete development and what parents can look for in their athlete’s pathway.   Nancy Fong, sport dietitian took us on a food and supplements sport journey and talked about the truth behind the choice’s athletes make. She walked us though dozens of items, the good and the bad and or other options but also around the timing of these foods and supplements.

To finish off the evening, Nick Lund, strength and conditioning specialist with Synergy explained what parents should look for and be aware of in their athletes training plan but also some things to watch such as fatigue and burnout.

Those that were able to join us found it engaging and helpful.  “What a great event with incredible speakers. I think Parent like a Champ 2.0 is a must for any parent raising an athlete no matter their skill level or ambitions. After the 2hrs I felt more comfortable with my kids’ sports journey and personal knowledge to lead them in the right path, “said parent Craig Savill

Athlete Health and Performance will run Parent Like a Champ 1.0 again this spring and looking to do 2.5 as well and dive deeper into the Mental Performance side and what parents should look for.

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