January 16- Podium Performance

PP Jan 16

Shaunna Taylor – Coach Self Care – Who are your Board of Directors?

January 16, 2024
Online 12:00 – 1:00 pm

Coaches take care of everyone around them but they need to make sure they take care of themselves.   Who is around to support the coach? Who are their Board of Directors?  Shaunna Taylor will take us on a journey on what self-care can look like and make us think about who is around that and can help us.

About the speark : Shaunna Taylor

  • Professor, Sport Psychology (University of British Columbia) and Executive Director, PacificSport Okanagan
  • Private practice (www.shaunnataylor.ca) Certified Clinical Counsellor (CCC) – Professional member, Canadian Sport Psychology Association
  • Sport Psychology, Conflict resolution and management, leadership training, mental health, sport safety, equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI)

A brief biography. 

  • Dr. Shaunna Taylor is the Past Chair of the Canadian Sport Psychology Association and is a Professor at UBC Vancouver in the High Performance Coaching and Technical Leadership program. She is dedicated to holistic athlete and performer development through her work as an Executive Director with a regional sport centre, and she sits as a member of viaSport BC’s Girls and Women Advisory Group. She is also proud to provide mental health and performance support to a wide range of performers (www.shaunnataylor.ca) and she is a mental health service provider for the Canadian Centre for Mental Health in Sport (CCMHS).
  • She has been consulting with coaches and athletes from grassroots to the Olympic/Paralympic level for 20 years. She continues to operate her private practice and she has a special interest in creating systems that promote holistic athlete/performer development and honours ‘duty of care’ and a positive experience to all participants. She earned her doctorate in Health Sciences from the University of Ottawa, and is a certified clinical counsellor.