Mike Connolly – National Coaches Week 2022

NCW22 - coach mike connonlly

We are excited to profile several outstanding PEI coaches during National Coaches Week!

Mike Connolly

What Sport do they coach? – Soccer


Name of team or club they coach? – Eliot River Ramblers U15 Girls Premier


What does this coach do that makes them a great coach?

He is a strong leader, who has so much knowledge of the game. He leads the girls with his strong, yet caring coaching manner, always willing to help them improve but yet giving praise when praise is do. The girls respect him as a coach and have learned so much in there season with him as head coach.


Write a memory/story about this coach.

I had the privilege this year to see Mike interacting with the players this year as I sat on the bench as well. While the team won all three soccer tournaments this summer, it was more about continually pushing the girls to bring their best and promoting life skills that will serve them well in the future.


What is an important skill this coach has that makes them a good coach?

Good communication with the girls and a wealth of knowledge. Understands that it isn’t just about technical skills, but EQ as well with supporting the mental aspect of the game. Teaching them to be responsible and accountable for their actions.