Masters Lifters Impress at Commonwealth Championships

allen profit

The Commonwealth Powerlifting and Bench Press Championships were held September 14-21, in St. John’s, NL. Three Island lifters were members of Team Canada and put up a very strong showing.

Arlene Van Diepen, Master 3, 84kg class, lifted in unequipped powerlifting. Her 105kg squat earned her silver, her 60kg bench earned her gold, her 153.5kg deadlift earned gold and her total of 318.5kg gave her gold overall for her division. Van Diepen’s deadlift is also a new World Record.

Allen Profitt, Master 3, 105kg class, also competed in unequipped powerlifting. His 165kg squat earned silver, 127.5kg bench earned silver, 230kg deadlift earned gold and his total of 522.5 was good for silver overall in his division. Profitt’s deadlift is also a new Commonwealth Record.
Tilman Gallant, Master 4, 83kg class, competed in both equipped and unequipped bench only. Gallant earned a gold medal in equipped bench with a 145kg lift, which is now a new National record. In unequipped lifting, Gallant broke the Commonwealth record twice, first setting a new standard with a 125.5kg lift, then breaking his own record with a 132kg lift. This also earned him the gold medal.