Mark Fast – National Coaches Week 2022

NCW22 - coach mark fast

We are excited to profile several outstanding PEI coaches during National Coaches Week!

Mark Fast

What Sport do they coach? – Baseball


Name of team or club they coach? – Cornwall and Area Minor Baseball


What does this coach do that makes them a great coach?

Full of energy and enthusiasm for youth development will always encourage the kids and do his best to build up their confidence.


Write a memory/story about this coach.

Mark always brings a positive upbeat attitude and can bring the team out of the gloom of losing to win. In the semi final game of a tournament we were hosting, our team was down by 6 going into our last at bat. The kids were pretty down, but Mark got them all pumped up, encouraging them, and we ended up scoring 7 runs to win the game.


Pick 3 words that describes this coach.

Passionate, energetic, and supportive