Margo Robertson – National Coaches Week

NCW Margo Robertson volleyball

We are so excited to celebrate National Coaches Week! We have received so many coaching nominations and can’t wait to share them with you. Follow along to see why these coaches are so great!


Margo Robertson – Souris Sr High Women’s Volleyball, U18 Provincial Volleyball team


What is an important skill that this coach has that makes them a great coach?

They have a great sense of trust in her athletes which gives us the confidence to succeed in games. Margo knows how to be a coach and a friend all at once. She knows when we need to buckle down, and she knows when to have a good time.


What lesson(s) has this coach instilled in you/athletes/or others?

This coach has taught me that it’s ok to make mistakes and they are good because you can learn from them and grow. Margo has taught me to never give up. She pushes me and all of my teammates to be the best we possibly can.


Pick 3 words that describes this coach. Explain why you chose each word.

Passionate, caring, and driven. I picked these words because this coach loves volleyball and all the people she coaches. She has passion for the sport like no other and she believes in everyone she coaches. She is also very caring and understanding if you’re having a bad game and don’t feel at your best she is always there to help you. She is also very driven because she cares and works so hard to help you become a better player.


Write a memory or story about this coach, that impressed you. 

A memory I will always carry with me is when I first started playing. I was put into power position but I was short and couldn’t smash the ball over the net when it got set to me. I kept putting myself down after failing every time but Margo told me, it doesn’t matter if you’re short, it’s all about timing and about believing in yourself. Ever sense then I have gained so much confidence in myself which I never had before that moment. So, I thank her for helping me become a better volleyball player but a better person overall


Thank you for all that you do! Make sure to say ‘Thanks Coach’ to a special coach in your life!