MacDonald Lifts with the Best in Dubai


The 2019 International Powerlifting Federation World Open Powerlifting Championships have wrapped up in Dubai, UAE. The event took place November 18-23, displaying the talents of the strongest in the world. One of Team Canada’s lifters was Charlottetown’s own, John MacDonald. He competed in the 93kg Open Equipped category.

Competing against over 20 other athletes in his category, MacDonald posted impressive numbers and hit some personal best lifts. He squatted 317.5kg (a 2.5kg improvement on his best), benched 215kg, deadlifted 305kg (another 2.5kg improvement) and had a total of 837.5kg, which was 7.5kg higher than his previous best. This result earned him 13th place. MacDonald’s 305kg deadlift was his second attempt and with that lift, he ended up in fourth place in deadlift. On his third attempt, he made an aggressive jump in weight to try to seal a bronze medal, but was unsuccessful with the that lift.

MacDonald says while he is constantly evolving as a lifter, he enjoys competing on the world stage to meet new people and learn from some of the best in the sport. Powerlifting has also allowed him to travel around the globe and see sights and experience things that he may never otherwise get to do first hand. He is returning home to set some new goals and plan his next adventure.