Jerome MacDonald – National Coaches Week

NCW jerome macdonald soccer

We are so excited to celebrate National Coaches Week! We have received so many coaching nominations and can’t wait to share them with you. Follow along to see why these coaches are so great!


Jerome MacDonald – Cardigan Clippers baseball U9 and U11


What is an important skill that this coach has that makes them a great coach?

Jerome has excellent defence skills and always reminds the kids every single game where the play is and where they need to be. Even when a play just doesn’t go the right way, Jerome is always making sure the kids know that it was a good try and that it’s alright. With guidance and support, Jerome is always there to help the team to be their best. He is such a positive role model for these kids. At 68 years young, he thrives more then ever out on the field and we couldn’t be prouder to have him influence, teach and guide our boys and all of the many young lives he’s taught throughout the years.


What lesson(s) has this coach instilled in you/athletes/or others?

Jerome coaches both of my son’s baseball teams and has been coaching them for over 5 years. He has 50+ years of experience out on the field and the greatest lesson Jerome instills to the kids each and every game is to work hard and be proud of themselves. He makes great effort to bring positivity to the game and to make each child shine by positive feedback and pats on the back. The kids do better when they feel good about themselves and this is where Jerome excels.


Thank you for all that you do! Make sure to say ‘Thanks Coach’ to a special coach in your life!