Erin MacAulay – National Coaches Week

NCW Erin MacAulay soccer

We are so excited to celebrate National Coaches Week! We have received so many coaching nominations and can’t wait to share them with you. Follow along to see why these coaches are so great!


Erin MacAulay – Souris Lamplighters U15 boys


What is an important skill that this coach has that makes them a great coach?

She sees the value in each child.


What lesson(s) has this coach instilled in you/athletes/or others?

She taught them to have a goal and work hard towards it. This team made it to the provincial championship game and lost after double overtime and a shoot out.


Pick 3 words that describes this coach. Explain why you chose each word.

Committed. Erin ran two practices each week. Her son played on the team but was away for July. She continued to show up for this team. Intentional. At our end of year party, she made a point to talk to each child about a strength in each of them that she had noticed. Motivating. Her commitment to the team helped to have them step up and show that same commitment.


Write a memory or story about this coach, that impressed you. 

Watching her take the time to look into the eyes of each of her players, to make sure they knew all the goods things about themselves that she noticed. Teenage boys can be difficult for some to coach and they respected her immensely because she respected them. Through her words and actions.


Thank you for all that you do! Make sure to say ‘Thanks Coach’ to a special coach in your life!