Earl F. Smith Scholarship Winner Announced

TheEarl F. Smith Scholarship is presented annually to an outstanding PEI highschool student-athlete.  Each Island schoolcan nominate one of their Student-Athletes of the Year recipients as acontender for the award.

This year, Adam Ryan of Charlottetown Rural has been selected to receive theathletic scholarship based on his outstanding academic, athletic and leadershipqualities. Adam is an all-star and MVP in both soccer and basketball, and has committedto the UPEI Men’s basketball program next fall.  He will be looking to major in Chemistry orPhysics during his four-year undergrad, but aspires to continue his educationin the area that interests him the most. While competing at the scholastic level the last three years, Adam’sleadership has proven itself with results. 

Congratulations Adam Ryan, and best of luck in your next journey as a Panther.