CPHO Update – December 17

COVID-19 Update(2)

Following the announcement from the Chief Public Health Officer, updated temporary measures info has been posted here: https://www.princeedwardisland.ca/en/information/temporary-covid-19-measures.

The following bullets are relevant to sport, rec and fitness:

  • Group and team-based organized recreational activities suspended, including:
    • All organized sports, tournaments, competitions and games
    • Team skills training and practices
    • Group classes (e.g. gymnastics, dance, etc.) where distancing can’t be maintained
  • Individual recreational activities permitted, including:
    • Personal fitness (individual activities at a gym, pool, or fitness facility)
    • One-on-one fitness classes (personal training)
    • One-on-one classes (music, dance, etc.)
    • Strict physical distancing at individual recreational activities required

To clarify, the restrictions on group activities apply to all ages.