COVID-19 Update

COVID-19 Update (3)
Please note the following changes and updates to the Covid‐19 protocols – sporting groups, recreation activities and facilities must observe in the delivery of programs and activities. These updates come into play on Friday morning, December 17 at 8 am.
Sporting Groups, Teams and Recreational Activities – All of the current protocols must be observed with the following updates:
No tournaments are permitted in PEI with more than 50 participants mixing over the span of the day regardless of age of participants.

Games, training, and regular league play is permitted with no more than 50 individuals over span of the day.

  • Multiple cohorts of 50 participants are permitted at a recreational facility over the span of a day as long as physical distancing of 2m/6ft is maintained between different cohorts, and during short periods of interaction at shared areas like entry/exit points, washrooms, concession stands, hallways, etc.
  • Most recreational facilities have previous operational plans with cohorts of 50 participants; they should update their current operational plans but they are not required to seek a further approval of their operational plan and can reach out to with any questions.
  •  If the same team plays multiple games in a day as part of their regularly scheduled activities (example curling, minor sport jamboree), the total number of direct participants cannot exceed 50. If there are four teams together, each with 15 participants and each team only plays two of the other three teams, the total number of direct participants is 45 and not 60. These activities must be part of already scheduled programs for sport and cannot be a tournament format.
  •  Participants should only select one activity per day if they are involved in multiple programs (example: A person is involved in their school basketball team and are also a speed skater. That person should only attend one of those activities if both are scheduled on the same day).
– Teams are not permitted to travel to another province/territory for competition and teams from outside of PEI are not permitted to travel to PEI.
Sport and Recreational Facilities – All of the current protocols in place must be observed with the following updates:
– Organizers of activities to encourage the spectators to physically distance as much as possible based on the number of seats and size of the facility. All Vaxpass regulations are still in place.
– Organizers should be very vigilant in reminding participants and spectators to observe the masking protocols. Masks must be worn by participants until they are ready to do their activity and
spectators the entire time they are in the facility. Mask should be properly fitted and cover the mouth and the nose.
– Any facilities that serve food should ensure that patrons eating the food are doing so at a seat (table or in the stands) and not doing so while standing against the glass or in an area where patrons are moving back and forth.
These updates will be revisited in early January.
Let’s continue to do our part to ensure participants and spectators are safe and can continue to enjoy sport and recreational activities.