Courageous Confidence: A Blueprint for Growth

She Leads - Courageous Confidence

Join us for SHE LEADS with Jill Sadler – Courageous Confidence: A Blueprint for Growth!

November 9th at 7PM.

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Confidence is critical to personal and professional success. However research has shown that confidence levels are lower in women than they are in men even if their competence level is equal. This webinar is designed to provide female leaders within the sport community the fundamentals of self-confidence, the obstacles we face in achieving it and the tools & techniques for building and sustaining confidence levels over time. Content is geared toward women in sport but is applicable to all.

About Jill:

Jill Sadler is currently the VP of Learning & Development for Blueprint North America – an organization committed to building confidence in individuals, teams and organizations on both sides of the border. This means she spends half of her time studying and developing adult learning strategies and the other half of her time in large rooms with thousands of sticky notes. Whether it’s a negotiation workshop, a creative thinking webinar, or a strategic planning session, Jill uses her 20 years in business and leadership to help individuals stretch beyond their perceived capabilities.