Brad and Amy Kickham – National Coaches Week

NCW Amy and Brad Kickham soccer (1)

We are so excited to celebrate National Coaches Week! We have received so many coaching nominations and can’t wait to share them with you. Follow along to see why these coaches are so great!


Brad and Amy Kickham – Souris Lamplighters U11, Souris Spartans Intermediate Soccer


What is an important skill that this coach has that makes them a great coach?

Patience and the ability to have fun while getting the conditioning done.


What lesson(s) has this coach instilled in you/athletes/or others?

Hard work pays off and the best friends come from a team


Pick 3 words that describes this coach. Explain why you chose each word.

Dedicated, skilled, patient


Write a memory or story about this coach, that impressed you. 

Amy and Brad have always been great leaders to their teams, but in a tournament last summer one of their players was really just coming into the sport of soccer and learning a lot of new skills. This player enjoyed the game but hadn’t yet found their passion. When the team won the crossover game the child said “Oh my goodness, it’s like fireworks are going off in my brain I am so excited!” She went onto become an avid soccer player and now loves the game. Brad and Amy didn’t pressure the child, they let her find her joy and find her strengths while teaching her many great skills.


Thank you for all that you do! Make sure to say ‘Thanks Coach’ to a special coach in your life!