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Sport PEI is excited to introduce Rooted in Values, a new program in partnership with the province of Prince Edward Island and True Sport to promote value-based sports in our province through education and activation team workshops.


The “Rooted in Values” name refers to the importance of setting your values/roots intentionally to grow your team or sport to be strong and healthy. The oak tree is not only an iconic symbol of Prince Edward Island but also an ideal metaphor for value-based sport. The Northern Red Oak, also known as the Champion Oak, is a fast-growing, long-living tree with strong roots that continue to expand as the tree grows and a stout trunk that can support a canopy 20 times its size.




The “Rooted in Values” program is a two-part workshop for sports teams and athlete groups to help them better understand value-based sport and put their understanding into action.

The first workshop is focused on educating athletes and coaches on what value-based sport is, why it is important, and how it is characterized into the seven True Sport principles – Go For It, Play Fair, Respect Others, Keep It Fun, Stay Healthy, Include Everyone, and Give Back. The second workshop will be focused on brainstorming ways that the team may already activate True Sport, new ways they can activate True Sport during their season, and creating a plan to activate each of the seven principles during their season.


Following workshops, teams will receive branded t-shirts and social media templates to promote each activation activity. Sport PEI will help promote the activation for each principle as well. There is no cost other than your time and effort to participate.




Any team or group of athletes who will be competing and/or training together for a predetermined amount of time is eligible to apply for the program. Teams who participate should have an intrinsic motivation to complete the workshops, create meaningful activation, and engage the True Sport principles. Please do not assign teams or groups to this program who have not expressed a desire to better engage value-based sports. Program is open to various ages and competition levels.

The workshops will be led and coordinated by True Sport project lead Mitch Sanderson.




Applications will be reviewed and workshops scheduled monthly. Workshops should be scheduled within the first third of each group’s season to ensure time in the season to activate each principle. Applications will stay open so teams may apply close to the start of their season, whenever that may be.




Workshops can be held at a location convenient to the team (classroom, meeting room, work space) provided there is ability to present a slideshow and space for group discussions.




While stories of abuse and maltreatment dominate the sports headlines at times, we know that sport can be a vehicle for great things. By strengthening the values and roots of sport with purpose and intentional beyond winning games, we can help make sport better and flourish.



Teams can now apply to join the “Rooted in Values” program by filling out the application here:


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