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December 7, 2020
She Leads in a Pandemic

She Leads 2020 featured three separate events. First, an expert female leadership panel was held at the Confederation Centre of the Arts. Following this, Jill Sadler led a group of women through an interactive zoom workshop. Last, a first-ever mother-daughter event was held at the Benevolent Irish Society. Despite managing COVID-19 restrictions, each of the events showed a great turn out, with over 60 women partaking throughout the week. 

She Leads 2020 kicked off with an expert female leadership panel featuring Kathy O'Rourke, Heather Moyse, Kailea Switzer, and Karolyn Godfrey. These four inspirational local female leaders shared life-long advice with the participants. Each of the women reflected on how they got to where they are in their careers as female leaders. They shared with the participants some of the qualities of the best leaders they ever had. The four panellists spent their evening speaking about the value female leaders bring to the table and encouraging others to take on leadership roles.

The second event for She Leads 2020 featured an interactive zoom workshop led by Jill Sadler, VP of Learning & Development at Blueprint North America. Jill Sadler walked the participants through an informative session focused on "What Makes a Leader People Want to Follow". Jill debunked many leadership myths that hold people back from seeking out leadership opportunities. She shared several inspirational videos and helped the participants realize that leaders come in all shapes and sizes. 

The third event for She Leads 2020 was a first-ever mother-daughter event, held at the Benevolent Irish Society. This event began with a very insightful and humorous Question and Answer session featuring Heather Moyse, moderated by Alanna Taylor. Heather reflected on prominent leaders who inspired her growing up, advice she would give to her younger self, and why it is so important for women to lead. After this incredible Q&A session, Sport PEI led the participants through a self-discovery leadership activity. The key takeaway from this exercise was for the young girls and women to understand that leaders are all different, and no matter what their skill set is, there is value in each of their abilities. After this, a mother-daughter panel featuring Alanna Taylor, Tracey Gairns-Brioux, Tammy Roach, Louise Martin, and each of the lady's wonderful daughters and nieces took place. The mothers talked about the importance of being a female leader and encouraged others to seek leadership opportunities. The women shared inspirational advice they would give to their younger selves. The lovely daughters and nieces that took part in the panel shared with everyone why their mothers and aunt were exceptional role models they looked up to. 

She Leads 2020 was a success. Putting special measures into place, mask-wearing, and social distancing allowed us to come together for two in-person events. While the crowds were smaller due to COVID-19, it was amazing to bring everyone together! We hope that the women who took part in the events were able to take away some great advice and are excited to take on leadership roles in their own lives. Thanks to those who took part and we will see you all next year!

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