50 Years of Sport PEI Awards – Steve Edmonds

LtGovernor Award - steve edmonds

The 2023 Sport PEI awards will be our 50th edition! To celebrate this milestone, we wanted to take a look back at those who have received the Lieutenant Governor’s award as PEI’s top athlete of the year.

Steve Edmonds – Judo – 2000, 2001

Steve Edmonds won his Lieutenant Governor’s award for his efforts in the year 2000. Steve started off the year on a high-note, winning the bronze medal at the Canadian Championships. Winning 3 more bronze medals at the Commonwealth Championships, the US Open, and the Rendez Vous Montreal prepared Edmonds for the Pan-Am championships. Edmonds won a 5th bronze medal of the calendar year at the Pan-Ams and less than a week later won a silver medal at the Swedish Open.

Steve won his second consecutive Lieutenant Governor’s award the following year. In 2001, Steve claimed a silver medal at the Canadian Championships, bronze at an International event in Sassari, Italy, and silver at the US Open. Finishing the year off in style, Edmonds won gold at Rendez-Vous Montreal.

Feel free to share with us your favourite Sport PEI awards memory!