25 year Volunteers Recognized by Sport PEI


We were proud to recognize some outstanding contributions made by volunteers in our Island sporting community with 25 years or more of giving. Those recognized this year, received their 25-year pin as a thank you.

Those recognized this year included Peter Bolo (Volleyball), David Campbell (Swimming), Farida Chishti (Table Tennis), Najam Chishti (Table Tennis), Lori Gandy (Swimming), Roger Gavin (Curling), Wade Gregory (Table Tennis), Peter Howatt (Special Olympics), George Lyle (Swimming), Colin MacAdam (Athletics), Joanne MacAdam (Athletics/Volleyball), Dale MacDougall (Volleyball), Bill MacPhee (Curling), John Martin (Curling), Harvey Mazerolle (Volleyball), Tim Murphy (Wrestling), Cliff Poirier (Curling), and Robert St. Pierre (Football). Thank you all for your many years of service and contribution to the sport community on PEI!
We would like to thank ADL for providing complementary ADL chocolate milk and cheese, and their continued support through the Sport Achievement and Recognition Programs. Thank you to the volunteers for taking the time out of their day to allow us to visit and chat with them. And finally, thank you to the provincial sport organizations who nominated their great volunteers.
Full history here.
If you would like to nominate a volunteer with 25 years of experience to be recognized, please click here.