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Trans Inclusion

Trans Inclusion policy (Sport Law)

Trans Inclusion policy guidance – CCES

Creating welcoming environments for trans athletes

Research Report – Transgender athletes and Elite Sport

Leading the Way: Working with LGBTQ athletes and coaches

Canadian Women & Sport – Intersectionality Infographic

A note about Intersectionality

Through work with their valued partner Canadian Women & Sport, the CCES understands that not every woman or girl experiences sport in the same way. Even if they share the same gender, other aspects of identity also impact how people experience sport differently. To achieve true gender equity, we must address the needs of women and girls who are racialized, have a disability, are LGBTQI2S+, are from low socio-economic backgrounds, and other marginalized intersections. If every person who is involved or consulted in your gender equity journey has the same background or sport experience, chances are you’re missing out on the potential for even more meaningful change. Consider these factors as you reflect on the guidance in these resources.


Anti-racism in Coaching

Anti-racism in Coaching (toolbox)


Aboriginal Coaching module

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