Future Elites

Future Elites Combine

Our Mission: To give Island athletes an equal opportunity to discover and expose their athletic talent!

Future Elite events exist to support emerging athletes in achieving their sport related goals. They consist of physical, nutritional, and physiological learning sessions in order to help athletes develop the appropriate tools to take their game to the next level.

Future Elites hosts athletes in different sports from across the province for learning and testing in a supportive environment. We target those athletes, aged 13-17, looking to go to the next level, be it college, university or national team.

How long will the event take?

Athletes should expect to be at the event for approximately 2 hours after their registered start time. During this time, athletes will register, complete basic anthropometry measurements (height, weight, arm span) before the testing begins. Athletes will then be tested in pre-determined waves based on selected registration times

What are the performance benchmarks?

Each sport requires different skills and the performance benchmarks are dictated by our partner - Canadian Sport Centre Atlantic. Athletes that participate in the Future Elites Combine will receive a custom scorecard the week after they participate, which will help them compare their performance against the benchmarks.

Which sports are recruiting new athletes through the RBC Training Ground program?

There are 9 National sport organization (NSO) partners involved with the RBC Training Ground program for the 2020 season.