Drug and Doping testing in Sport

With the Beijing Olympics almost complete, the focus of media and athletes/coaches to Drug testing has been heightened.   There is one place to get information for all of this is Canada, and that is the Canadian Center for Ethics in Sport.  Their website is https://cces.ca/.  There is also a downloadable App.

This website gives you information on what athletes in Canada are tested.   Often athletes who transition to a provincial team are surprised they can be tested.  Athletes who participate in Canadian University Sport, Canadian College Sport, Canada Games, and other nationally comparative sport can be eligible for testing.

The Canadian Center for Ethics in Sport website also has:

  • a current listing of banned medications
  • the process of testing and athlete requirements and rights.
  • Online education on topics such as supplements, cannabis, and steroids
  • Information how and when you need a Therapeutic Use Exemption for a medication you require for your health.
  • Other forms of doping and prohibited actions
  • Sanctions/ implications for those who test positive

Canada, and the CCES is a member of the World Anti-Doping Agency.  It is an athlete’s responsibility to know the rules, understand the banned substances, and make yourself available for testing when required, even if it is a random test.   For further information contact us at the Sport Pei Athlete Health and Performance program at SportPEIAHP@gmail.com.