AHP Resources - Nutrition

Welcome to the Sport PEI Athlete Health and Wellness Program’s Resource Library. Our goal is to provide developing athletes, their parents, and their coaches with current, evidence based resources on a range of topics in sports medicine and performance. When possible we will provide links to resource sources that are national or international organizations that work to continue to provide the most current evidence available (eg. CCES for current prohibited drug listings).

As always, we recommend that you seek out qualified medical and sport science personnel when you are injured and need help. These resources are meant to provide education but never replace the importance of seeking expert help when you are injured, or need training or performance advice.

We will be adding resources as quickly as possible, so check back regularly, and also send any questions you would like answered  or resources you are looking for to Sport PEI at SportPEIAHP@gmail.com.

Drug and Doping testing in Sport

With the Beijing Olympics almost complete, the focus of media and athletes/coaches to Drug testing has been heightened.   There is one place to get information for all of this is Canada, and that is the Canadian Center for Ethics in Sport.  Their website is https://cces.ca/.  There is also a downloadable App.


Have you ever wondered how to keep hydrated? Our partners at Performance Nutrition Academy have helped us with this topic, read more here.

Nutrition for Environmental Conditions

Another gem from our friends at Performance Nutrition Academy. Did you know that nutrition can help you tolerate exercise in extreme environmental situations (heat and cold). And its not only about running in an extreme race in the desert. Your environment can be hot like playing beach volleyball or soccer in the summer, or cross country skiing in the winter. Learn what you can do to optimize performance and recovery in these environments.


The Australian Institute of Sport lays out an informative framework to help sport professionals & athletes choose a supplement that may be ideal for them. This can be used this as a reference when providing supplement information to athletes.

Vitamins & Minerals

Getting the proper vitamins and minerals into your athletic diet is a very important part of your performance as an athlete. In general, athletes consuming adequate energy  do not require vitamin of mineral supplementation. However, that is not always the case. Learn more with the help from Performance Nutrition Academy.

Athlete Snack Hacks

Late summer training and preseason camps require A LOT of fuel to meet training and performance demands. The best way for athletes to meet their energy demands is frequent and balanced meals and snacks. Learn more with help from Performance Nutrition Academy.