Athlete Health & Performance Program

The Vision of the Athlete Health and Performance Program is a network of Sport Health and Science professionals who support developing athletes and coaches in the Province of PEI.

We will achieve this by attaining the following goals:

  • Establish a network of Sports Health and Science professionals in the province of PEI that recognizes credentials, fosters a desire to pursue credentials, and provides evidence based resources to coaches and athletes.
  • Foster a culture of scientifically based athlete development within the PSO’s, coaches , athletes and parents on PEI
  • Act as a cooperative forum of sports and exercise medicine/science professionals  to develop collaboration, education and research  between the professionals.
  • To be an evidence based information source for athletes and coaches on PEI in the field of Sports Medicine, Rehabilitation, Science, and Training
  • To promote and facilitate safe guidelines to ensure safe and high quality sports medicine and science services for athletes on PEI.
  • To work with professional organizations and stakeholders to foster and encourage development of sports medicine and science professionals on PEI.


Find out the Qualifications required to be listed as a professional with the program.


To register create an account on Sideline - ( Once you have created an account, on the top select the “Forms” tab and you will see an application form. This will take about 15 minutes to complete and require you to upload your License, etc.

List of Professionals

The minimum standards required for listing are developed by each professional group, in consultation with Sport PEI. Professions that are eligible to list members include those who have a specific sport medicine designation/qualification or those where a majority of their members work with athletes.

While Sport PEI does not endorse the individual practitioners listed, we work with the various professional associations on an ongoing basis to ensure that the individuals listed possess the required qualifications and that they are represented accurately.

Professions that have an official sport medicine designation, or that have a majority of their members working with athletes are eligible to list qualified practitioners. Only those practitioners who meet the minimum qualifications and standards as set out by their respective professional organizations may be listed in the Sport PEI  Directory of Practitioners.

The following listed practitioners are members of the Athlete Health and Performance Program:

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Sport Physiotherapy

Physiotherapists complete a University degree ( B.Sc. or Masters)  from a recognized university program .  They then proceed through a series of certifications to become a sports physiotherapist. They are required to have a current licence with the College of Physical Therapists of PEI and are regulated by the Regulated Health Professions Act of PEI. In order to refer to themselves as Sports Physiotherapists, the individuals must have completed the Diploma in Sports Physiotherapy (or Equivalent) from Sport Physiotherapy Canada.

Clinical Specialist in Sports Physiotherapy

These individuals have completed their Diploma in Sports Physiotherapy from Sports Physiotherapy Canada and continued on to complete their Specialist designation from the Canadian Physiotherapy Association and the Physiotherapy Specialty Certification Board of Canada (PSCBC). They are a member in good standing with Sport Physiotherapy Canada and they also ;

  • Must provide proof of liability insurance
  • Must provide current criminal record check
  • Current First aid CPR
  • Completion of Safe Sport (

Randy Goodman - Clinical Specialist in Sports Physiotherapy

Sports Chiropractic

To become a chiropractor in Canada, individual must complete a university degree, or masters program and pass a national credential exam. In PEI, legislation requires that  Chiropractors must be licensed to practice by the PEI Chiropractic Association and the Regulated Health Professions Act. Further to this licensure, there are Canadian recognized standards for certification in Sports Chiropractic. Practitioners must complete the certification to be referred to as a Sports Chiropractor.

Chiropractor (Candidate)

These practitioners are members in good standing with the College of Chiropractors of PEI and the PEI. Chiropractic Association, and are pursuing their certification in sports chiropractic.

  • Must provide proof of liability insurance
  • Must provide current criminal record check
  • Current First aid CPR
  • Completion of Safe Sport (

Dr. Julia McKenna - Chiropractor (Candidate)

Mental Performance Training

- provides practical and innovative tools, techniques and strategies to help foster positive behavioral change and enhanced sport-performance.


For more information, please see the quick links below:

Mind Matters Mental Performance Training:

Canadian Sport Psychology Association:

Association for Applied Sport Psychology:

Canadian Centre for Mental Health and Sport:

Mental Performance Consultants

These practitioners are extensively educated and qualified professionals (minimum Masters’ degree and 400 hours experience) who integrate sport psychology research and applied interventions for teams, athletes and coaches.

Common areas of focus include:

  • How to get in “the zone” for competition.
  • How to apply and benefit from visualization and mental imagery.
  • How to overcome mental blocks, distractions and setbacks.
  • How to refocus and perform more consistently under pressure.
  • How to build and foster a cohesive, mentally resilient team.
  • Much more!

Meagan Ferguson - Mental Performance Consultant

Tara Costello - M.A., C.S.P.A. - Mental Performance Consultant

Fitness Trainer (Candidate)

These individuals have some certification in training individuals , and are in the process of acquiring further certification in Sport training. They also:

  • Must provide proof of liability insurance
  • Must provide current criminal record check
  • Current First aid / CPR
  • Completion of Safe Sport (