AHP Bio – Owen MacWilliams

Owen MacWilliams – Strength and Conditioning Specialist


Owen MacWilliams is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (National Strength and Conditioning Association) and currently completing his masters in exercise and sport science with a focus in strength and conditioning.


Throughout his coaching career, Owen has experienced working with NFL, NHL, CFL, AHL, AFL, NCAA and U-Sport athletes. These opportunities developed his personal philosophy that emphasizes evidence based principles, building relationships with athletes in his care and effective communication strategies.


Owen runs OG Performance which is a remote health and wellness consulting company that has two established foundational components. Firstly, it was created and established to support high performance athletes which is the heartbeat of this small company. Athletic development programs include team training, 1:1 coaching which includes a customized service menu for athletes. OG Performance is building a direction towards supporting retired athletes that want to keep a competitive edge in their training and busy professionals looking to optimize their health and longevity.